Our sensors work out-of-the-box but KoolZone can also custom-configure sensors and gateways to satisfy customer-specific needs. KoolZone is the LoRa IoT monitoring specialist, providing the services global clients need to manage and maintain appliances, equipment and environments 24/7/365.

IoT Project Scoping

KoolZone has a range of expertise in IoT projects; from technical solution design, project timing and costing, to identifying the best technology to use.

KoolZone has all the skills necessary to assist customers with their IoT project environments and monitoring requirements.

Installation, Set-up, Training

KoolZone provides a complete installation service comprising site surveys, sensor and gateway deployment, and set-up which includes defining locations hierarchy, sensor names, alert parameters, user access, report requirements, and onsite or remote training.

Bespoke Services

KoolZone can extend the system at a customer’s request, which may include bespoke reports or other features.

Sensors & Gateways

If a customer wishes to develop its own front-end application KoolZone can supply sensors and/or gateways, providing a “Device Administration” platform to assist with such projects.


KoolZone works with expert independent UKAS-accredited calibration agencies, who certify the individual sensors and provide appropriate UKAS Calibration Certificates. KoolZone can continue the calibration service on an annual basis.

LoRa Expert Services

KoolZone is a leading expert in LoRa long-range, low power, LPWAN communications technology, using LoRa in most projects. KoolZone also provides LoRa expertise to systems integrators and customers.

Development & OEM Connectivity

KoolZone can adapt existing sensors or make sensors that address a new business requirement. For example, we have developed sensors for monitoring liquid nitrogen, ovens, commercial dishwashers, ULT freezers, delivery vehicles, high-concentration carbon dioxide, as well as UPS battery back-ups for our gateways.

We determine the best way to connect to deployed equipment and monitoring systems, and equipment, machines, and vehicles during production.


KoolZone delivers specialist services for projects in food, pharmaceutical or life-sciences, including the delivery of IQ/OQ/PQ reports.

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