KoolZone provides a range of sensors of different shapes and sizes for monitoring a wide range of appliances, equipment and environments.


KoolZone temperature sensors are LoRaWAN-based and suitable for ambient to extreme temperature monitoring ranging from -200°C to +300°C.

Surface Thermometer and Food Probe

The KoolZone Bluetooth thermometer has interchangeable probes and transmits temperature data to iOS, Android or Bluetooth wireless devices.


The KoolZone humidity and temperature sensor is a robust long-range, low-energy, long-life battery-powered sensor.

Energy and Power

Monitor, control, and report on power usage for appliances. The energy sensor plugs into EU and US wall sockets (230V/110V).


Designed to support outdoor applications the KoolZone Pressure Monitor is highly accurate. It has a long-life and uses very little power.

Digital Sensing

KoolZone contact switches and traps allow the user to remotely check the status of any door, cover, or our IoT-enabled rat and mouse traps.


The sensor is built to reliably measure CO2 levels in areas of relatively high gas concentration, it is battery powered and connects wirelessly.


The GPS location system records the location of assets and in the case of refrigerated transportation, the location of the vehicle along with the temperature.

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