Web App

Our platform is where all data from sensors is collected in real time, accessible securely via any web browser from any device that is clearly presented and instantly understood.

Alarm Notifications

Customized alerts warn you only when there is a problem. You define how and when you want to receive notifications, so you’ll know instantly, by phone call, SMS or email if values fall outside of a pre-defined range.

Maintain Quality

Through being informed at all times

Alarm escalation

Configurable alarms with multiple recipients and alarm acknowledgement / sharing

Reports & Charts

You can easily generate on-line reports and charts that help you to understand your asset behaviour and improve your asset efficiency.

KoolZone contributes to reducing your operational costs and energy bills by optimizing set points and highlighting maintenance issues - An unhealthy fridge or freezer can consume up to 100% more electricity.

Self-generated legally compliant reports save you time, minimise errors, and automatically document issues using intuitive menus.


  • Self-generated legally compliant reports
  • Selectable criteria
  • Pre-formatted template choices
  • Easily downloaded or printed


  • Time-based charts
  • Displaying every data point
  • Allowing investigation & pattern recognition
  • Predictive maintenance


KoolZone Showcase allows you to create within minutes a customised view of your system.

Display any number of sensors on a backdrop of your choice chosen from a catalogue of options or from your own uploaded images.

Use Showcase as a customer facing screen to demonstrate commitment to the quality and safety of your products or to instantly manage alarms through single touch of the screen.

Floor Plans, Map Views & Vehicle Tracking

Thanks to our GPS sensors your asset is automatically visible in real time in the map. You can keep your vehicles under control 24/7

“Dragging” Sensors onto Plan images or photographs, you can create a digital mirror of your company for better visibility of monitored units


Manage your regular activities through our easy to use Activity Tracker. Defeine your own activity or choose from a pre-defined list activity e.g. Cleaning, Maintenance etc and set rolling reminders in days.

Receive reminders on any device, anywhere. All activities are date & timestamped within system once completed, with full audit log.

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