Fridge Monitor

HACCP-compliant food safety

Our smart sensors monitor fridge/freezer temperature 24/7 and are purpose-built for effective food safety and good food hygiene. An always-on, live system, KoolZone sits inside your refrigeration unit transmitting more than 250 readings a day in real-time to your tablet or Smartphone.

KoolZone is an essential tool for any chef or compliance manager in the fight against food poisoning and food waste.

If non-compliance to HACCP standards would mean disaster for your business, then you need to be in the KoolZone.

Remote Diagnostics

Simplicity from the palm of your hand: Even when you are away, check to see what temperatures are doing using a smartphone, tablet or PC.

Avoid wastage
Automatic HACCP

Guaranteed gap-less food safety protocols. You’ll never have to take a manual reading again. Do away with paper, free up staff and remove the risk of human error.

Avoid wastage
Auto Logging 24/7

All temperature readings are stored securely on our servers. These are fully backed up so there is no danger of the data being lost.

Avoid wastage
Avoid wastage
Warning notification

You’ll know instantly by SMS or email if the temperature falls outside of a pre-defined range. Early warning lets you act fast.

Avoid wastage
Historical Records

All data is stored on our servers in the cloud, making it possible to check trends over the last day, week or month. Data can be stored for auditing purposes for as long as required.

Avoid wastage

As we develop our own technology in-house we have the flexibility to customise the solution to fit your needs.

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