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We’re building our company by placing clients at the heart of everything we do – providing products, services and solutions that help protect them from harm, damage and financial burden. We advise, support, and guide clients on the best monitoring solutions for their businesses.

Advanced Technology, Engaged Customers

KoolZone in the Food Industry

Agriculture,  airline and business catering, event hospitality, hotels, restaurants, food retailers, cafes, food manufacturing, wholesale, breweries.

KoolZone in Healthcare

Hospitals, surgeries, clinics, hospices, dental laboratories, blood and organ banks, drugs.

KoolZone in Life Sciences

Research and pathology labs, biochemicals, pharmaceuticals, pharmacies, cryogenic storage, refrigerated transport.

KoolZone Environments

Offices, social housing, residential care, airports.

Business Leadership, IoT, and Technology Experience


Medical monitoring
Water utility monitoring
IoT integrated hardware and software
Ultra–low battery-powered technology
Wireless comms in complex conditions
Hardware for harsh environments
SaaS platforms
Closed-loop control optimisation


Automated monitoring
Food safety
Business compliance
Cost reduction
Energy reduction
Brand protection

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