restaurants & hotels

Running a restaurant means operating a tight ship, first and foremost not wasting any valuable food items or using too much energy. Our sensors monitor temperature at which your inventory is stored, thus minimising any food loss. Keeping up with the daily challenges of running a hotel requires much time and effort.

At Koolzone, we can help reduce the effort required to maintain your fridges/freezers by providing an automatic temperature monitoring solution. This ensures that you’ll be notified once the temperature slips outside the recommended range.

bars & cafes

Through our automated intelligent temperature monitoring capability, we offer accurate real-time temperature data that can be used for HACCP reporting.

food retailers

Ensuring your food is not in the temperature danger zone and compliant with HACCP can be time-consuming – this is time you don’t really have. Using our wire­less temperature monitoring sys­tem, you can drastically reduce the time taken to report on fridge/freezer temperature from minutes to seconds, thus giving you accurate information at a fraction of the cost!

health care

High accuracy temperature monitoring within the healthcare industry is a critical requirement to ensure high-cost medicines, blood bags, vaccines etc. are stored at the right temperature. Any errors could literally be the difference between life and death. Our solutions mitigate this risk for you and offers real peace of mind to pharmacies, hospitals & clinics.

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