Customer Stories

Florida Eis

Supplier of high-quality ice cream. The first CO2 neutral ice cream producer in Germany

With over 1000 freezers to maintain, degradation and breakdown of refrigeration equipment requires constant vigilance. KoolZone’s temperature dashboard keeps Florida Ice in control and allows them to further reduce CO2 emissions.

Gemüsering Group – Ebert

Gemsüring Group is one of the biggest vegetable producers and vegetable and fruit wholesalers in Germany

KoolZone monitors walk-in (and in some cases drive-in) fridges and freezers. The system provides remote temperature tracking, deviation alarms, and produces Gemüsering Group’s compliance reports.


Cecconi’s is a classic Italian restaurant, situated in Berlin’s Soho House Hotel

KoolZone works 24 hours a day monitoring refrigeration units, freezers, and cold stores. Any failure or temperature deviation that compromises food safety will be picked up immediately sent to the staff in charge of day or night shifts.

Minnesota Vikings

The U.S. Bank Stadium is the home of American football team, the Minnesota Vikings

KoolZone provides real-time monitoring, warning staff 24/7/365 of any appliance failure or temperature fluctuation in equipment that could compromise food quality or safety across this vast stadium.

Palac Wiechlice

Palac Wiechlice is a luxury SPA situated in Szprotawa, Poland

KoolZone gives hotel staff real-time information about water temperature in the spa and swimming pools from any remote location, allowing them to make adjustments to their heating systems to keep customers happy.

Kofler & Kompanie

Kofler & Kompanie is large catering company situated in Berlin, Germany

“KoolZone saves a huge amount of time and provides me with centralised control of all our kitchens in Germany. Before KoolZone, we were occasionally unable to cater at events due to electricity failure impacting our fridges. The automated HACCP report is also extremely beneficial. KoolZone is a huge help in our daily business.” Kay Schöneberg, Executive Global Head Chef


The Sofitel Berlin is a luxury hotel owned by the French hotel chain AccorHotels

“KoolZone helps us meet the requirements of our sustainability program Planet 21, which aims to reduce the environmental footprint of all our hotels and spas. We are now able to provide gapless temperature monitoring and reporting to optimise our processes and reduce energy costs by tracking day-to-day operations in cold-rooms. Rene Baumann, Chief Engineer

Du Bonheur

Du Bonheur is a specialist patisserie and catering outlet situated in Berlin

Anna Plagens the owner and Head Chef of Du Bonheur says: “KoolZone checks to ensure that our temperature sensitive food is stored within a specific range, alerting us if there is a problem. Texture & taste are also effected by temperature; but now we don’t need to worry about this, as we are using KoolZone to monitor our refrigeration units”.

Nuffield Dept of Clinical Neurosciences

Assessing risk factors for recurrent stroke by identifying changes in the blood of stroke patients

‘After a serious incident when the power failed and we were not alerted to a potentially disastrous situation where we would have lost irreplaceable blood samples, we called KoolZone. The system was quick to install, hassle free, cost effective and we can now get readings at the touch of a button.’ Annette Burgess, Research Biochemist

Mandala Hotel

The Mandala hotel sits at the junction between the former East and West Berlin

“The restaurant has to maintain the highest quality standards. It’s very important for us to keep track of the cool chain as the food we serve is exceptionally temperature sensitive. KoolZone’s 24×7 monitoring solution lets us see what’s going on and alerts us to any temperature deviation.” Michael Kempf, Head Chef, Facil Restaurant, Mandala Hotel

Berliner Tafel

Berliner Tafel redistributes unsold produce close to its ‘Best Before Date’

“We need well-maintained food hygiene standards and KoolZone has helped us achieve that confidence. KoolZone makes day-to-day life far simpler than before as we can monitor our many storage units from one central point. For an organization like ours that’s an imperative.”

Tariq Halal Meats

Tariq Halal Meats is a Meat Wholesaler & Retailer situated in England

KoolZone provides the director of operations with a single view of the many refrigerated appliances across 6 stores and a warehouse, where he can alert the relevant store manager in the event of a refrigeration issue.

Isabel Restaurant

KoolZone helps Isabel deliver the best customer experience right down to the temperature of the champagne

Recommended to Isabel by the manager of the Beaumont, a 5-star luxury London hotel, KoolZone helps Isabel reduce risk and focus time on providing exceptional service to customers. Isabel now has 33 sensors monitoring appliances, wine stores, drinks chillers and ice makers.

Gabriel Machin

Gabriel Machin is a butcher situated Henley-on-Thames, England

There was no persuasive sale needed – as soon as Barry, the owner, saw the system operational on the first cooling device he had it installed in every device and in the outdoor units too.

Ambala Foods

Ambala Foods is a manufacturer of premier Indian Sweets, based in UK

KoolZone is installed in 8 of the largest cold storage facilities and reefers. HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) reports are produced automatically completely eliminating manual activity. The management team are alerted to any problems.

The Beaumont Hotel

The Beaumont is a very elegant 5 star hotel in London. It was the first hotel developed by Corbin and King

KoolZone is installed in 13 fridges and freezers containing high-value produce. Any cold room failures are now tracked quickly, allowing food to be moved to another refrigeration unit.

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