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KoolZone was founded in 2015 and is an innovation leader in wireless, cloud-based remote monitoring solutions. Our initial focus was to monitor refrigeration temperature in food production, catering hospitality, food retail and other food services. However, we quickly expanded our range of sensors to monitor other parameters across a wider range of sectors including Pharmaceuticals, Life Sciences, Health Care, Agriculture, Warehouse & Transport, Housing & Care

KoolZone’s customers now range from small individual clients through to large multi-site and global businesses. We work hard to provide great service to our customers so that their experience is always good.

We continue to develop products that provide high quality, affordable solutions in an easy to implement, efficient and intuitive way.

We also recognise the need to offer integration of KoolZone with other Health & Safety or Business Systems and have provided this application interface to a number of complimentary systems for our customers and partners.

We have an absolute focus on sustainability and with the support of our EU Horizon 2020 grant we continue to develop low cost algorithms and methods to identify excess and unnecessary energy use.

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Steve Miller
Founder & C.E.O.


Guy Summers


Ali Miller


Andreas Hertwig
Regional Director

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Founders Story

Steve Miller is an experienced technology leader, with over 25 years in the IT sector. He has held many senior roles in American, British and German technology businesses, including CEO of a leading Sustainability business, and executive roles at Oracle Corporation, Siebel Systems, Macromedia and Nuance Communications.

The inspiration for KoolZone came from Steve and Ali Miller’s son, Johnny, who contracted Type 1 Diabetes in 2006 at the age of two.

From the moment of diagnosis it was critical that two things were continuously monitored - Johnny’s blood sugar levels and his Insulin. If you want good healthier control blood sugar levels have to be checked frequently, both day & night. Insulin also needs to be checked over the longer-term to ensure it has been kept continuously at the correct refrigerated temperature - Insulin is temperature-sensitive and needs to be stored at the correct temperatures 24/7 to ensure it doesn’t spoil and become ineffective.

Effective monitoring immediately became a necessity, manually to begin with, but then progressing to automated options. Fortunately both parents had engineering degrees and were used to researching more efficient and accurate ways of problem solving using technology; they looked to American companies working on early real-time medical devices for Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM).

After researching the best globally available CGM systems for juvenile diabetes, the Millers became one of the earliest UK adopters of this technology, working directly with a fast-growing American organisation, DEXCOM, who have since become leaders in this sector.

During this time, Ali, who is an electronic engineer with 20+ years’ experience in technology businesses, became a recognised Super-User of this system and an advisor to the John Radcliffe Hospital on technology advances in this sector, including comparisons between CGM sensors & systems. Her expert knowledge of the ‘good & bad’ features of continuous monitoring and real-time alerts directly influenced KoolZone’s strategy.

Monitoring, Reporting, Alarming, Trend Analysis and Anticipation are identical in principle between monitoring blood sugar levels and monitoring temperatures in a fridge or freezer. Both are critical for safety, with little margin for error; they are a continuous responsibility 365 days a year, and both can vary significantly and be unpredictable.

CEO Steve Miller says: “Since our son was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes we learned so much about monitoring - monitoring blood sugars, medication levels and fridge temperature where his Insulin is stored. When fridges fail, which happened to us several times, we had to discard both the Insulin and the food, which is both expensive and disruptive.

“As we could not find a low-cost, easy, app-enabled solution which could alert us to a refrigeration problem, we decided to build one and make it available to everyone … this is KoolZone! After 12 years of managing juvenile diabetes and with 25+ years in technology business I realised that everything we were learning about the user experience, the process of monitoring, remote data access, optimization and predictive actions could be mapped directly to the food industry and the storage of food or medicines. And by making this solution affordable for large, medium and small businesses, we could play an important role in increasing food and medicines safety and reducing unnecessary waste”.

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