you’re in good hands

By placing our sensors in refrigerators, freezers or on beer-barrels, we can automatically measure the temperature and capture, store, analyse and report this information in real-time.

In the near future, we will extend our solution portfolio, for example enabling our customers to measure and show consumption/inventory levels of beer barrels in real time, thereby providing invaluable information to assist with profitability analysis, stock control and logistical optimisation.

We are a global leader when it comes up to:

  • Accurately monitor and alert customers remotely,
  • Produce and save data that can be used to prove compliance through HACCP,
  • Protect sensible and expensive goods kept in your premises,
  • Develop further intelligent monitoring solutions for industries requiring real-time and highly reliable data gathered remotely

So far, we have designed and manufactured our own hardware (more to come soon):

  • Wireless or wired temperature sensors that reside in fridges, freezers, beer coolers and scales,
  • Weight sensors that measure the weight of beer barrels.

We provide tailored solutions to our customers, whether to large hotel and restaurant chains, to small stand-alone food retailers such as bars, cafes and bakeries or healthcare premises such as laboratories, chemistries, hospitals and clinics.

With our solutions, protecting sensible goods has never been so easy and reliable!

Easy and efficient

We enable the easy temperature monitoring of your cooling equipment providing you with real-time data. The beauty of our solutions is that you don’t need to have any technical expertise, we provide everything you need in a simple and easy solution that is intuitive to use.

Peace of mind

With us, you can have peace-of-mind that you will be instantly notified of any temperature fluctuations in your Fridge/Freezer or Beer Barrels so that you can take action to save your goods. Rest-assured that this will make it much easier for you to comply with HACCP and your food and beer are stored at the optimum safe temperature.

Avoid wastage

Making sure your goods are always stored at the right temperature will save you time and money and more importantly keep your customers happy! You’ll get an instant email or SMS alert the moment your temperature is outside the predefined range so that you can act quickly and decisively to protect and save your goods.

Energy Savings

Based on the analysis of the data gathered on our cloud-based platform, our solutions will help you to improve the temperature settings of your cooling equipment and therefore contribute to reducing your energy bills.

Feedback or questions? Feel free to get in touch: or +44 3300 88 11 36 (UK), +49 171 2810972 (Germany) or +48 222 19 94 16 (Poland)