Here at KoolZone we develop advanced cloud-based real-time monitoring solutions which address critical problems within the hospitality and healthcare industry. Our current solution offers the convenience to keep a track of the temperature of your cooling equipment (e.g. freezers, fridge, beer coolers,…) to ensure goods are safely stored at the right temperature.

Using both wireless and wired temperature sensors placed inside your equipment together with ground-breaking Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, we provide you with the solutions you need to protect your assets, to save time and money and to help grow your business with increased profits.

KoolZone solutions are based on our MARAR approach:


    Quickly and easily monitor your equipment in real-time.


    Receive instant SMS or email alerts when your attention is required.


    Time interval configuration between temperature readings so that data can feed into your HACCP-compliant report.


    Use our reports to optimise energy usage by your equipment and save on utility bills.


    All your data is securely stored in our private cloud, accessible by you with an internet connection from anywhere.

WHY USE Koolzone?

Easy and efficient

Intuitive and easy-to-use wireless monitoring solutions.

Avoid wastage

Reduce wastage of sensitive goods by providing immediate pro-active alerts.

Peace of mind

Concentrate on running your business and let us run ours: reliably monitoring your equipment.

Energy Savings

Optimise your energy usage and make savings on your utility bills.

Our products

We develop and constantly improve intelligent monitoring solutions for our customers. Moreover, we also manufacture and provide our own temperature sensors that sit in fridges, freezers, beer coolers and scales.


Whether you’re running a hotel, restaurant, club, bar, or café, you want your food to be constantly stored at the right temperature so your customers can enjoy their meal. Customers from other industries (e.g. Hospitals and Pharmacies) have a vital need to keep medicines at the exact temperature too.

Restaurants & hotels


Restaurants & hotels

Bars & Cafes


Bars & Cafes

Food retailers


Food retailers

Health Care


Health Care

Feedback or questions? Feel free to get in touch: info@koolzone.com or +44 3300 88 11 36 (UK), +49 171 2810972 (Germany) or +48 222 19 94 16 (Poland)