Monitoring Made Easy

Using powerful long-range (LoRaWAN) wireless communications, KoolZone’s intuitive monitoring platform uses real-time data from appliances, equipment, and environments made IoT-ready by out-of-box-sensors that work in the most extreme environments (-200ºC to +300ºC).

Automated Monitoring in Every Environment

KoolZone’s wireless, cloud-based remote monitoring solutions are used across the globe in agriculture, food and drink, healthcare, life sciences, and across supply chains.

KoolZone’s advanced systems monitor a wide range of critical control points including temperature, pressure, contact, humidity, power, energy, movement and C02.

KoolZone provides customers with the real-time data needed to respond and plan, and the operational analytics required for compliance, quality, and safety.

The platform provides a dashboard, reports, graphs, heat maps, floor plans, customisable views, alarm event management, and activity tracking within a customisable and secure environment.

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Easy to Set Up

Remotely monitor your assets within a few minutes.

Easy to Use

Simple, intuitive, and user-friendly interface.


Our MaaS (Monitoring-as-a-Service) platform has 99.9% reliability with enterprise security and recovery built-in.

Universal Monitoring

All sensors types connect to our platform. 

Reactive and Proactive Maintenance

Machine learning algorithms measure, observe, analyse, and alert on operations. The data are used to detect anomalies for preventative maintenance.

Automatic Alerting

Automated email, SMS or phone alerts trigger in line with customisable thresholds and escalation procedures.

What Our Customers Say

If I had to give one reason for choosing Koolzone, it’s because I now have control over the system myself rather than relying on other people and systems to conscientiously monitor and care for my freezer contents.

Annette Burgess

Research Biochemist, Nuffield Department of Clinical Neurosciences

Thanks to KoolZone it is now possible for us to keep a better eye on the entire range of refrigerated products.

Dipl. Oec. Timo Schmitt

Quality Manager, Berliner Tafel e.V.

Using KoolZone I can now predict from the temperature curves whether my ageing cooling systems are likely to fail.

Jan Lohr

Group Head Chef, BMB Group

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